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Trader Takes Road Less Traveled When Breaking Into Mistress's Apartment

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You’re a married trader carrying on an affair with a receptionist who’s only seeing you because you’ve promised to leave your wife. She wants a committed relationship so she breaks it off with you and starts seeing a new man, one who’s not married. You’re the jealous type and not happy at all about this. You want to do something, but what? For the purposes of this scenario, it should be noted that on good days you're a little nuts and on bad you are a full on psycho. Do you a) send her a few messages, lie to her and swear that this time, you’re really going to break it off with your wife? b) confront the guy and settle things mano y mano c) break into her apartment and trash the place, knowing full well she’ll assume it’s you and maybe be scared into taking you back or d) break into her apartment, trash the place but in such a way that those examining the scene would think that you were 1) a woman and 2) the piece on the side of the guy your girl just started seeing? If you’re Timothy Evans, you’d answer D, D, a thousand times D!

Evans, 47, is alleged to have broken into Juliette Shutes' home and sprayed the words 'whore,' 'slut' and 'cow' on the walls. On one wall were the words: "I warned you - you bitch. You stole my boyfriend."

St Albans Crown Court heard that this was an attempt by Evans to make it appear that the burglary was carried out by an irate girlfriend of the new man in Ms Shutes' life. He stole three Christmas cards, including one from her new boyfriend, along with a king size duvet from the home in Hoddesdon, Herts, the jury was told. Laura Blackband, prosecuting, said: "This is not your average burglary case. Mr Evans deliberately broke into the property in January last year. He spray-painted the walls, cut up clothes and stole certain items. They were not the normal items stolen in a burglary."

Ms Blackband said Evans demonstrated "obsessive behaviour" during his on-off relationship with Ms Shutes. "He couldn't stand the thought of her going out with other men. He was a scorned man," she said. He allegedly wrote notes pretending to be from a girlfriend of one of the other men in an attempt to break up the relationships. These included one left on his car windscreen which purported to come from an angry woman along with two letters posted in December 2008.

Married trader 'daubed graffiti over girlfriend's walls and cut up clothes' [Telegraph via BI]


Connecticut Resident Takes Road Less Traveled In Refusing To Pay Cab Fare (Update)

While Charles Martin, too, passed out in the back of his taxi on the ride home, like his brother in arms, upon coming to he merely questioned the sexuality of the officers on the scene before threatening what would happen if they came any closer. A city man with more than $1,300 in his pocket was charged Thursday morning with trying to snub a taxicab driver out a $43 fare, police said. Charles Martin, 35, of 15 School St., Norwalk, was charged with sixth-degree larceny and resisting arrest and was held in lieu of $1,000 bond. Norwalk police Sgt. Lisa Cotto said a Stamford cab driver showed up at police headquarters just after 3:30 a.m. Thursday complaining that he had a man in his cab refusing to pay the fare from the Stamford train station to the man's School Street home. When police went to the cab, Martin was asleep and appeared drunk, telling them to leave him alone, Cotto said After he was arrested, police found $1,353 in cash in his pocket, Cotto said. Unhappy with being arrested for trying to stiff the cabbie, Martin allegedly warned the police officers -- who he also said were gay -- what would happen when they removed the cuffs from his hands. No word on what that was but odds it involved a pen knife are high. Cops: Man with $1,300 in pocket refused to pay $43 cab fare [Stamford Advocate] Related: Banking Exec Maintains Innocence Re: Stabbing Cab Driver