Unattractive Hedge Fund Managers Of The World Have Something Arki Busson Wants


Undoubtedly, there's many financier out there who's envious of Arki Busson. They may have achieved the same level of success as the fund of funds manager or more but the EIM founder has a few things they don't. There's the model and actress girlfriends. There's the willingness of reporters to fellate him in print. And there's the sex god looks. Those dimples! That hair!* But please, do not be jealous of the fact that women and men alike spontaneously orgasm at just the thought the thought of those cheeks. If you can't help it, just know this-- sometimes, Arki is jealous of you. Sometimes Arki wishes he were ugly as sin too.

FT: Has the way you look affected your business success?
AB: At times, I think it has been a handicap.

20 questions: Arki Busson, EIM [FT]

*I don't even like hair that long on guys but for him it works.