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Who Could Take Over For Lloyd Blankfein?

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First off, let it be known that I don't think LB should or will go anywhere. Nevertheless there are some people, some haters, talking about that very possibility. Dick Bové said it a couple weeks ago but she was on the rag at the time and not to be taken seriously. Now there's a story out today, hopefully based on vicious lies, that there are people within in Goldman Sachs-- the same people who gave Lloyd a standing ovation the other day for beating Ginger the resident chicken at tic-tac-toe-- who are daring to speak of a day in which LB's golden scrot and shining pate do not run shit at 200 West.

They're traitorous shrews, of course, who have no idea what they're talking about but just for yuks, we'll play their little game. So, in this messed up scenario in which LB leaves the building, who takes the reigns? I love him dearly and know for a fact he's waiting for the call, but this is not happening for Corzine. The only possibilities that come to mind are Jay-Z (he's already a client, no one could hate GS with J in charge, and he also fancies himself quite the business guru), Maxine Waters and Lucas van Praag (at the moment we're only getting his restrained, abridged pearls of wisdom. Imagine a world in which he was uncensored). Now you go. Serious suggestions only please.