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Write-Offs: 05.28.10

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$$$ Fitch: Here's Why We Stripped Spain of AAA Rating [WSJ]

$$$ Steve Wynn Takes on Washington, Vegas & EBITDA [CNBC]

$$$Canada Home Foreclosure Wave Not Likely [Financial Post]

$$$Free Financial Advice To The Stars Re: Ponzi Schemes [TRB]

$$$Gary Coleman Dead At 42 [NYT]

$$$ Street CEOs Still Not Facing Reality, Angelides Says [FBN]

$$$ District Attorney Vance Announces Corporate theft and Securities Fraud Charged Filed By Major Economic Crimes Bureau [DAO]

$$$ "FYI: UBS'er iced this morning. UBS still sucks."

$$$ Much of Starr’s credibility came from Pete Peterson’s endorsement—he would frequently tell prospective clients to “check me out with Peterson” to put them at ease and get them to open their wallets, this source says. [TDB]

$$$That's it for us today. Have a nice weekend and see you Tuesday!