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Ace Greenberg Has Some Advice He'd Like To Share

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It comes via his new book, The Rise And Fall Of Bear Stearns, and whether you're a young whippersnapper who doesn't know shit or an octogenarian who's lost his way, you'd be wise to to listen to the guy.

It was sixty-one years ago that I left Oklahoma City. But it seems like yesterday that my father called me aside at the train station and said, "I'll give you three pieces of advice: never make fun of a millionaire, never hit a cripple, and never have sex with an idiot." The best of my knowledge I've remembered all three.

Has the avoidance of these three things allowed Mr. G to have enjoy one of the longest careers on Wall Street (and a successful run at magic on the side)? Maybe! Who knows? We do know that for some of you, avoiding one or all of the above will be difficult so we've culled the advice of some other successful (and not so successful!) leading lights, whose perspectives might ring a little more true to your own experiences, and from whom you might learn something.

Dick Fuld: Never stab a hobo that panhandles on your street and whose friends can ID you to the cops.

Alan Greenspan: Make sure your per diem covers the girls.

Someone in Stamford: Never appear on a Spanish language talk-show to dish on your psychopath ex-wife if you consider yourself a highly secretive hedge fund billionaire.

Bill Ackman: Big boy don't cry.

If any of you have some words of wisdom to impart, some advice someone once told you, please do so at this time.

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