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Bonus Watch '10: UBS Stalling For Time, Goldman To Tell It What To Do

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A none too pleased junior rainmaker writes:

UBS IBD announcement day delayed for a month till mid july, payout day delayed two weeks to July 31st. Waiting For Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley numbers. JPMorgan is delayed as well. Not sure about the time line.


Bonus Watch '12: UBS

Numbers for first and second year analysts (who are not happy). "It's been two weeks since UBS numbers came out and nobody wants to talk about it, for obvious reasons. Second years (base: 80k) ranging 45-65k and heard of some first years getting around 40k (base: 70k). And they could only achieve these numbers ("in line with the street") after firing 30+ analysts right before communication day."

Bonus Watch '13: UBS

From the front lines: