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Chamillionaire Explains His Home Foreclosure

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"Let me give you the short business answer. I bought the house in Houston. I have multiple mortgages. Some for me, some for other people. This house was my most expensive mortgage. I decided to let that house go, because the house ended up being worth nothing when the market went down and I decided to just let it go and give it back to the bank. It wasn't a situation where they came and took it from me. I just didn't feel like it was a good business investment, to keep paying that much mortgage on a house that I was never at. Don't try to take this to a point where Chamillionaire has money problems. There was no financial negligence, none of that. I'm still a Chamillionaire. When I'm a Cha-thousandaire, then you'll have a real story. "

Chamillionaire: I Chose To Be Foreclosed On [TMZ via Daily Intel]