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Charlie Gasparino Puts In His Two Cents

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A couple days back one of Charlie's former colleagues and I had a conversations re: if absolutely forced to pick between two former and current CNBC colleagues with which to liaise, who she'd go with. She went with option C, which was that she'd have to kill herself or go on life-support. I suggested the situation might still be appealing to Charlie Gasparino. Today he responded to that discussion on-air asking "She's gotta be comatose?" and adding "She's gonna be comatose" before his mic was cut. I'm not even sure what any of this means (was he saying he's going to put her in a state of comatosis via his schlong?) but regardless I'm nervous.


Charlie Gasparino Dangerously Close To Having Invite To CNBC Alumni Picnic Rescinded

Unless the network likes being described as "that shit hole" to which he said good riddance, in which case, catch him in line for burgers and 'slaw.