Citi Takes The Gloves Off On Debrahlee Lorenzana Case

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Since the Debrahlee "Too Hot For Citi" Lorenzana story has come out-- which has included soft-core porn spreads, morning show appearances, and allegations that DL was canned because her presence distracted her male colleagues, who supposedly couldn't work in her presence because their "penises were standing up"-- Citi has had to keep its thoughts on the matter relatively brief. They still have to go to arbitration with this lady and Jamie Dimon and his firm are the only ones allowed to tell a woman to "zip it, Toots" without taking any heat. So while we've heard lots of "this case is without merit," and so on an so forth, we've yet to have Citi tell us how they really feel, re: the girl who dreamed of being "Tits on a Stick." Today that ends, with a spokeswoman for the bank offering that in her opinion, this chick is not that hot.

Citibank rep Natalie Riper [noted], "Just because she's saying she was too hot doesn't mean it's so."

Tomorrow, Vikram Pandit's "brutal truth" on the bazonkas in question. Not to be missed.