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Citigroup: Bank With The Heart Of Gold

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They may have thrown a banker out on her rockin' ass for being too damn hot but you know what? Citi has a heart. Whereas other firms will not hesitate to foreclose on people who aren't even in default and then go the extra mile by stealing the homeowner's beloved pet, the House of Vikram has decided to show some compassion. They're pumping the brakes on foreclosing on people in areas close to the little slip up by BP, which you must admit was big of them.

The bank announced a three-month suspension of foreclosure sales and notifications, as well as evictions on possessed properties for qualifying borrowers in the Gulf region with first mortgages held by CitiMortgage. The suspension is effective from Thursday through Sept. 17. Citi expects about 1,000 borrowers to participate initially, but that number might climb.