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Deutsche Bank Co-Head Of Equities Takes Leave Of Absence After Engaging In Conduct Generally Frowned Upon

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To be sure, Robert Karofsky did not have sexual intercourse with the cleaning lady on his desk at 60 Wall Street (...that we know of), but you're getting warmer. In this case, the firm's co-head of equities, known for his "magnetic personality," allegedly used his pole to attract a senior trader, subordinate and close friend's wife, which apparently no one told him when he first started at DB is something that's not done. Maybe in other offices-- Morgan Stanely, where he previously worked-- but not DB.

Karofsky, 43, a top trader at the firm who ran Deutsche Bank's Americas unit, took the leave for personal reasons on June 23, effectively immediately. A spokesman for the bank declined to comment further at the time. But multiple sources told The Post that the Karofsky move followed a heated verbal confrontation late last week at the firm's headquarters at 60 Wall St. between him and the pal, a senior trader, over the alleged affair. The verbal volleys created a tense environment within Deutsche Bank's insular trading ranks and have slowly become a source of water cooler gossip throughout the organization.

"He's pretty much just avoided interacting with [Karofsky] since the incident," one source said of the equities boss' former pal. Making matters particularly sticky is the fact that Karofsky and the trader who worked under him have been longtime buddies, live near each other in Northern New Jersey and took family trips together. Among traders, Karofsky is referred to as "Killer Karofsky" for his trading acumen. Off the trading floor, however, he's described as a fair, mild-mannered, even-keeled boss who has garnered the respect of his charges and has "a magnetic personality."


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