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Eliot Spitzer TV Is Happening

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Well, people, Eliot Spitzer got himself a TV show. Great news, right? WRONG! It would've been great, had developers taken our suggestions re: format, but things didn't exactly pan out that way. So, now, no LoveLine-esque programming from 1-2 on CNBC, no American Gladiators-type thing, where he battles it out with people interested in taking a crack (Blodget, maybe Langone though probably not as he'd whip out a .45 and a shovel), no passing of the Seacrest torch to Ness. No reviving on the Newlywed game! Instead, we're getting Spitzer on a CNN "debate" show. Despite this upset, things can potentially be salvaged, should input be solicited vis-a-vis what topics the noted HF should be arguing every night. Naturally, it should be issues that allow the Steam Roller to draw on his vast experience. Ideas, welcome.