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Ex-Raymond James Exec Says He Was Fired For Having Cancer

Ex-Raymond James Exec Says He Was Fired For Having Cancer

Working in the investment business is tough these days. Clients are screaming about the markets, multiple boob jobs are no longer tolerated and clogged toilets are shutting the computers down.

Now, it appears you can also get fired for having cancer. Just ask Stephen Fredericks, a former MD at Raymond James, who filed a lawsuit today against his former employer.

Fredericks, who worked for Raymond James from 2002 to 2009, said he underwent chemotherapy in 2008 after being diagnosed with lymphoma. As a side effect, he occasionally “spontaneously fell asleep,” he said, and was told that if he nodded off, he couldn’t continue to work. He went on disability in May 2009 and was terminated that July, according to the complaint.

“If you fall asleep again, I’m going to have to get rid of you or you will have to go onto disability,” Fredericks claims his supervisor told him, according to the filing.

Meanwhile, the complaint says, another sales trader with no medical disability fell asleep at the trading desk.

“This sales trader also viewed pornography on his computer and he was not fired until after” Fredericks raised his claims, according to the complaint.

Ex-Raymond James exec sues, says he was fired after chemo [Bloomberg via InvestmentNews]


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