Goldman Beat By JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, DE Shaw, And Random Fashion Chick

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The men, women and vampire squids at Goldman Sachs posses a lotta talent among them. Many of them can tie a maraschino cherry stem into a knot in under ten seconds. They pioneered the buddy system between the prime brokerage and prop desk so as to maximize front-running of clients. A not insignificant number of them are quite skilled at charades. Sportsmen, however, they are not. This has been evident at many an impromptu stick ball game among the banks (don't feel bad about that Viniar, it could have happened to anyone) and continued to be clear last night at the JPMorgan Corporate Challenge, where Goldman failed to place any employees in the top 5. Putting a fine point on it was one JPMorgan staffer who it should be noted snapped the photo above, and the ones later on of Team GS circle JO&C'ing in the bathroom of the bar everyone congregated at. But hey, look! Moragan Stanley won something!