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Great News For Psychopath Traders Based In The UK

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Are you a little bit nuts? Are you a lot a bit nuts? If you said the latter, take care to only date women who date guys as equally crazy as yourself and in the event you go bat-shit insane on her ass, it'll be all good in the 'hood.

Remember Timothy Evans, the guy who broke his mistress's house after she dumped him to start seeing another, non-married man and sprayed the words ‘whore,’ ’slut,' ‘cow’ and 'I warned you – you bitch. You stole my boyfriend,' in addition to shredding her clothes and stealing three Christmas cards and a duvet cover, all in the hopes that Juliette Shutes would jump to the conclusion that the burglar was not Evans, or male at all, but rather some woman her new boyfriend was banging on the side? He told a jury last Friday that Ms Shutes had "several other boyfriends," presumably all in the habit of impersonating women when they rob people, and that the break-in and damage "could have been carried out by one of them."

Mr Evans, of North Weald, Epping, Essex denied two counts of burglary in Hoddesdon, Herts between 6 January and 11 January last year. The jury found him not guilty after three hours and one minute of deliberation.


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