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Greece Playa Hatas Might Want To Consider Checking Themselves

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Say what you will about Greece, and I'm sure many of you bitches already have, but next time you wanna make some crack about them being forced to turn tricks on the steps of the Parthenon, I'd just like you to consider one thing-- that Prime Minister George Papandreou has got the skills to whoop your ass. Alternatively, if you show him and his country some respect, he'll show you the best night of your life.

He dispensed street justice as a young man in Greece, using his martial arts skills to level two men who had smashed an ice cream cone in an old man’s face. He and his siblings took odd jobs, including as gas station attendants and window washers. A dreamer known to strum Bob Dylan songs, he wooed Ada, his wife, with Greek love songs in a late night window serenade in Athens, according to his brother, Nick.


Greece Doesn't Need You!

Greece doesn't need any of you! Greece's finance minister on Thursday denied a report citing the country's representative to the IMF as saying Athens would need a third bailout package. The euro weakened against the dollar on the report, which was later also denied by the official quoted in the article and came as international inspectors are mulling handing over the next tranche of Greece's second aid package. "The country's positions are formulated by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister," Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras told Reuters in response to the Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal report. The article quoted Thanos Catsambas, Alternate Executive Director at the IMF Executive Board representing Greece, as saying the country would need a third bailout from European creditors. It also reported Greece could not bridge a funding gap and had met only 22 percent of targets for the second bailout...Catsambas issued a statement saying the article included "at least three important inaccuracies". [Reuters]

Paul Singer: Greece Did It To Itself

The hedge fund manager is very broken up about this Greek tragedy.