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Help Us Convince Goldman's Media Team Lloyd Blankfein Should Go On Oprah

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First off, this is not some absurd idea we came up with on our own. At an event in London this afternoon, Fiona Laffan, Goldman Sach's head of media relations in Europe said that the bank is tossing around the idea of 1) advertising on TV and 2) Blankfein appearing on Oprah's couch.
"There are people [in the bank] who think we should go on 'Oprah'," Laffan said. Unfortunately, the genius plan is facing some resistance from both Fiona and her counterpart in the states. "I'm not one of them," Fiona added, and when we called Lucas van Praag to get his take, were told, "We have huge respect for Oprah's program but at this time no plans to participate." WE DO NOT ACCEPT THIS. It's natural for press people to be nervous about how their organizations are going to be perceived and want to pump the brakes on something that could go incredibly wrong, but, with all due respect, in this case, LvP does not know what's up. We need Lloyd jumping in a couch. We need him passing out the ridiculous gifts audience members receive. And we'll do whatever it takes to make this happen. And I do mean anything.

Update: Anonymous had a brilliant idea (which I then built on): In addition to Oprah, LB should appear on a different talk/reality show each week. Chelsea Lately, Wife Swap, Kate + 8, Cheaters, Dancing With the Stars, HOARDERS.