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How Should Erin Burnett And Mark Haines Settle Yesterday's Tiff?

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Yesterday, while discussing the blown Tigers call, Mark Haines told Erin Burnett that her cavalier attitude about the whole thing (EB thought it was NBD) was the reason "women shouldn't be in charge of sports." Erin did not appreciate that and things got noticeably tense! We suggested that the whole thing be settled with a hardcore, no holds barred fight in the break room (talkin' bodies thrown across desks. Talkin' Xerox machines to the face). They did not take that advice and presumably just avoided each other for the rest of the day because this morning they were still awkwardly debating whether or not ladies have a place in sports. Erin told Haines resolve this was the two of them, mano y mano, in some sort of competition. Haines said sure, let's do this, but what? Erin threw arm-wrestling out there which I guess could work but isn't that great. Naturally the event will be televised and the viewers should have a choice. It would certainly add a little something if there were guns involved so I think the biathlon could be fun. Shot putting has potential as does handball, and Haines already has the shorts. Of course, one ever said this had to be a test of strength, but maybe just heart, so a round of the penis game, on the floor of the NYSE could be interesting. Dance Revolution contest. Thumb wrestling. And then there's my top pick: THUNDERDOME (with the money on Burnett).