In Case You Needed A Visual, Charlie Gasparino Produces The Towel He Used To Wear While Intimidating Joe Kernen In The Locker Room, With His Schlong


Last Friday, in response to Joe Kernen referring to Fox Business as a bunch of “wing-nuts" Charlie Gasparino recounted, on-air, the great times he used to have scaring JK in the CNBC locker room, by walking around in a towel and hinting at what could potentially be in store for his colleague. Today, for some reason, CG brought said towel on his afternoon hit, during which he cautioned his co-host to be careful, as the thing was "moist." Stay tuned tomorrow, when viewers get a glimpse of Chaz's favorite tube sock (the one he used to use while fantasizing about Sophia Loren and his mother's meat sauce).