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Investing Guru Admits Steroid Abuse

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Today has been a day of revelations. That there are spies among us. That Citi is not Goldman Sachs. That there are some exceptions to the rule that it's okay to get hammered and lose your company a shit-ton of money. And now this. This insane bombshell, that one of the greatest minds on Wall Street has been juicing it up all these years. Brace yourselves.

A new book claims the admission came during a late-night conversation in February 2008 in Dykstra's New York hotel…Roger Clemens had testified before Congress that day after being fingered in the Mitchell Report as a user of performance-enhancing substances. Dykstra's name had also been included by Mitchell's investigators. As the reports aired on a continuous cable loop, Dykstra blurted out his confession.

"You know," Lenny said, finally breaking the ice. "I was like a pioneer for that stuff."

"Excuse me, Lenny?"

"The juice. I was like the very first to do that. Me and [Jose] Canseco."

He straightened up, as he prepared, somewhat proudly, to reveal his role in this dangerous, unseemly history. Dykstra seems to have convinced himself he hadn't really done anything wrong.

"At first it wasn't even illegal. Then, after a few years, I had to go to a doctor, and get a prescription. You know how I got my stuff? Just walking into a pharmacy, bro. It was as simple as that."

Book: Dykstra Admits Steroid Usage [Philly]

Jim Cramer: “He is one of the great ones in this business. Lenny Dykstra.” HBO: “Lenny Dykstra?” Jim Cramer: “Lenny Dykstra.”


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