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Irate French Controller's Got Jerome Kerviel's Number

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The other day we noted that in the course of making fake trades at SocGen, Jerome Kerviel had invented a fake client who he'd named Matt, whose bio Kerviel added little flourishes to such as the fact that Matt apparently loved to play rugby. Today we hear from a non-imaginary colleague of Kerviel's, none too happy about the fact that he owes her, a bottle of bubbly she's probably never gonna get.

Jerome Kerviel offered a Societe Generale SA internal controller champagne and presented “coherent” explanations when questioned about his trading, according to testimony in a Paris court today. Marine Auclair, in charge of comparing traders’ reports with the bank’s accounts, said she contacted Kerviel and his superiors in April 2007 after finding a “mismatch” of 94 million euros ($116.4 million) between trades he reported and what was booked in the accounting system.

When asked about the discrepancy, Auclair said Kerviel “had a fairly nervous, worried air about him and said, ‘If you take care of this gap, I’ll give you a bottle of champagne.’”

She testified that she never received any champagne.


Court Awards Jerome Kerviel 0.007991228% Of Damages He Demanded From Société Générale

The look on SocGen's face as a judge berated the bank for axing Kerviel probably made up for it.