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Is Steve Cohen Thinking About "Walking Away From It All"?

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That's apparently what he tells Bryan Burrough in an upcoming article for Vanity Fair interestingly titled "What's Eating Steve Cohen?" Beyond putting the unthinkable (a 72 Cummings Point Road without the big guy? Ping Jiang would sooner do a woman) out there, Burrough also posits that the reason Stevie agreed to his only second interview ever was because Mrs. Alex Cohen had always wanted to be shot by Annie Leibovitz (BB's alternate theory, which he shared with Bloomberg earlier, is that SC wanted to break his "code of silence" to show the world "he doesn't have long hair and finger nails," which is gonna disappoint some of the fan boys).

Other little tidbits we're apparently going to learn from the piece include:

* Steve's favorite piece of art (will it be one of these ladies?)

* His days as a "poker shark"

* His chronic back pain (Jesus it's about time. FREAKING FINALLY, amiright?)

* "The thorough changes he claims to have implemented at SAC to ensure that the firm is in full compliance with the law after gaining a reputation for being 'way out there' (in the words of one competitor) on information gathering."

Photo credit: Annie Leibovitz