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Jamie Dimon Would Like "Too Hot For Citi" Chick To Put A Sock In It

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Last Wednesday (really, it was just last Wednesday), the world was introduced to Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman claiming she was fired from her job as a "business banker" at Citi for being too hot. Her former employer allegedly told her to tone down said hotness by wearing clothes that didn't highlight what her lawyer, Jack Tuckner, has probably said at some point are her "sweet tits and rockin' ass." Lorenzana refused, citing heritage. “Where I’m from,” she said, “women dress up—like put on makeup and do their nails—to go to the supermarket. And I’m not talking trashy, you know, like in the Heights. I was raised very Latin, you know? We’re feminine. A woman in Puerto Rico takes care of herself. The Puerto Rican women here put down our flag.” She was ultimately transferred to another branch (by her request) and soon after fired.

Whereas other attorneys and their clients might have chosen to settle this sort of thing quietly, such is not Debs and Tuckner's style. They went with the soft-core spread in the Village Voice, which included various shots of Lorenzana around "the office" in order to demonstrate she was appropriately attired at all times. They've done the rounds at the Post, the Daily News and the Nightly News. They've also offered statements like "Debrahlee Lorenzana would be very attractive in a burka" and "I’m not going to go eat and gain 50 or 100 pounds because my job wants me to be the same size as everyone else," in addition to rounding up a bunch of one-time customers of Debs to say stuff like, "Whew, she was a hot one" and "Yes, she 'distracted' me, if ya know what I mean." It's unclear how these exercises and testimonials might help Lorenzana actually win her case, but they have been fun! One person, however, has had enough. His name is James Dimon and like the (really hot) dad who comes into the room to put his foot down when everyone's gotten out of control, JD has supposedly communicated to "Toots over here" that he's had enough.

Debrahlee Lorenzana filed a lawsuit saying she was booted from her job at Citibank for being too sexy in her work clothes, and now says she faces the firing line again from her bosses at Chase for sullying the reputation of the financial industry.The Queens stunner said she was told that if she went ahead with scheduled television interviews today to talk about her suit, she'd once again be without a job.

"They asked me if I was going to proceed. They said if I kept talking, it was grounds for termination," Lorenzana, 33, told The Post yesterday. The trouble began Thursday at her new job as a personal banker at a Chase branch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when stories about her suit against Citibank appeared in the newspapers, she said. Her boss said Citibank is upset about all the interviews and that the hush order came from CEO Jamie Dimon, the single mom said. "I said, 'I'm going to speak to the media -- this has nothing to do with you.' "