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Jeff Macke Has Incredible Business Idea For Comcast

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Two words: "More Macke."
"In conclusion, my new best friends at Comcast, you can’t put a price on the potential synergy of bringing Jeff Macke back to NBC in a wildly expanded way. I can share this stuff in real time on a blog. I can appear on whatever network you want to throw me on for either conventional appearances or, more intriguingly, as an alternative soundtrack for viewers who want me “chipping in” as they watch the program. You don’t think American viewers can handle listening to both me and the Today Show simultaneously, Comcast? Please. Right now I’m admiring the red outfits on my friends Melissa Francis and Trish Regan, emailing Melissa to tell her I admire her outfit, writing this column, surfing the web, getting stock quotes, playing Google Pac-Man, and pitching you guys a business idea about which I’m only 80% kidding. We’re a nation of multi-taskers, spraying revenue opportunities in infinite directions 24/7/365. You guys want a bigger slice of the pie? Turn up the stimuli on your new division. Give it more Macke."

If an audition tape is necessary, please have a look, and get on it. This offer will not last.

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