Larry Kudlow Caught In The Middle Of Awkward Game Of Mammary Musical Chairs


As you may or may not have heard, Melissa Francis is due back on The Call this coming Monday, following a short maternity leave. Apparently this has the potential to create a somewhat awkward situation off set, as Amanda Drury has been filling in for Francis since the beginning of May, and the viewers likey. Unfortunately there are only three slots available, currently occupied by Drury, Larry Kudlow, and Trish Regan. The plan is to bump Mandy, though to where no one knows.
On the one hand, this seems fair-- the spot originally belonged to Francis, of whom we are personally big fans and who has electric chemistry with The Kud. On the other, it's not very democratic. Maybe CNBC should go with the viewers choice, and this Friday have people text in their ideal trio. Or maybe we should make this a ladies only thing and give Kudlow a platform to speak at 3AM, when you know he's up. But there's are just my suggestions! If anyone has other ways to settle this, please speak up.