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Lisa And Phil Falcone's Ungrateful Neighbors Can Only Think Of One Nice Thing To Say About The Couple

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As you may have been aware, Phil Falcone and his wife Lisa bought the Bob Guccione manse in 2008 and are currently in the process of some major renovations. Such changes, which are costing the Harbinger founder around $10 million (on top of the $49 million he paid for the place originally) will bring joy not just to the couple and their twin daughters (who will have their own floor in the East 67th Street townhouse). And yet, rather than think about the fact that the Falcones will probably quite generously invite the neighbs over for a dip in their new 34-foot-long indoor swimming pool (the old one had to be replaced, on account of the whores), rather than step back, pause and thank whoever was responsible for insisting Lisa have a bar installed in one of her walk-in closets, which will undoubtedly kick the Mrs's sartorial choices up Long Island Iced Tea notch*, all these people can do is bitch.

A woman who lives next door and works from home said the construction noise is so deafening she takes her computer and phone and retreats into her bathroom. "It's impeding my productivity, my sanity and my livelihood," she said.

Oh, oh but wait! McTypes-on-the-Toilet does have one nice thing to say.

The woman said she's seen the Falcones' pig [who plays the piano] and wishes its owners were as unobtrusive.

"The pig's a great neighbor," she said.

*She seems like a LICT gal.