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Lisa Maria Falcone WILL NOT BE BROKEN

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You can break her foot, sneaky Vespa bike, but you will never break her spirit, or sense of fashion.

At dinner at Phillips de Pury on 15th Street for the 2010 Party on the High Line and Summer Dinner, hockey player Sean Avery was wearing a short-sleeved shirt and black jeans with a chain coming out of them. (There was no air-conditioning in some of the auction house's rooms, which had been decorated with greenery evoking the public park.) Mr. Avery wondered if he could sit down at his table alone. "There might be a rule in the etiquette book that we can't sit," Mr. Avery said. Slowly but surely, his dinner date, Lisa Maria Falcone, hobbled over on a pair of crutches. Historically, this is a big gala for Ms. Falcone. "I don't get down to the High Line as much as I'd like," she continued. "Especially with this injury."

Ms. Falcone didn't let an air cast get in the way of fashion, however. She was wearing a black Balmain jacket accessorized by a green pin that said "I Built the High Line," a cream T-shirt by Generation Love and a pair of sparkling silver Balmain pants. But ah, the foot. Ms. Falcone said her husband surprised her with a Vespa. She misjudged it as a "mechanical bike," and three minutes after she got on, she fell off.

From Edible School Yards To The High Line

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It's no secret that one of our favorite hedge fund wives is Lisa Maria Falcone. Whether she's imploring bitches to throw their hands in air, hiring little people for her twin daughters' birthday party, spooning her pet pig, or simply flitting about town in outfits that go from gladiator chic to deconstructed "Like A Virgin," the woman is her own special brand of fabulous. LMF started keeping a considerably lower profile once her husband Phil's hedge fund hit a streak of bad luck though we always knew she'd be back. Unfortunately, we'd hoped the woman who does what she wants, haters of the Upper East Side be damned, would return with the news her production company was putting the finishing touches on Wilbur Falcone's debut album and not this: 2:25 p.m., 48-year-old Lisa Marie Falcone of Manhattan crashed her vehicle at the corner of Montauk Highway and Hayground Road in Bridgehampton, police said. She was found to be to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription medication, police said. Falcone...was charged with driving while intoxicated. Listen, lady: Throwing back a few cocktails when your closet is having two-for-one happy hour is one thing but getting loaded up on booze and pills and going for a drive is quite another. You could have hurt someone or yourself and then Phil would've had to raise Wilbur on his own. Is that what you want? 2 Charged With DWI Crashes in Hamptons [Long Island Press, mugshot via BI]