Overzealous Employee Of Midtown Hedge Fund Want You To Learn From His Mistakes

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A Double Down challenge occurred last Friday at 1PM. Man on man (in this case, employee v intern), thirty minutes, as fast as they could get 'em in there. Luckily I was long gone by then but I've been asked to post the results, for those of you considering going up against your younger, hungrier slaves.

Location: Midtown Hedge Fund
Contestants: 1 summer intern vs. 1 software engineer - both 5'8" and 150lbs, 22-23 years old
The rules: As many KFC double downs as possible in 30 minutes. 30 minute no puke rule afterward. # consumed was rounded to 1/2 of a doubledown (1/2 a DD = tick size). Drinks, sauces, etc... all as much as needed/wanted.
The trade: Each member of the fund submitted quotes for 4 variables: each candidates number consumed, the total consumed, and the spread of one contestant over the other. The other head trader and myself conducted an opening auction, and the fills were given out as the contest began. We also provided liquidity on the bets throughout the contest.
Recording: We marked the number consumed over time graphically

The play by play:

2:36pm - Start time - $140 in food total. 6 Double downs each lined up.

2:38pm - Both starting strong, consume 1 each. Engineer claims "These are pretty good" Words he would come to regret.
2:42pm - Intern takes the lead with 2 down. claims "Awful"
2:43pm - Engineer catches up. Each have 2 down and look like death already.
2:51pm - Intern moves into lead again with third down. "looks delirious"
2:52pm - Both take laps around the office to loosen up. Engineer has 2.5 down, also claims "awful"
2:56pm - Intern completes 3.5. Engineer stuck at 2.5. Both look blinded by the chicken.
3:04pm - Intern completes 4. Engineer still stuck at 2.5. Both praying for death.
3:05pm - Engineer stuffs last bite down to finish with 3 done.
3:06pm - Contest ends. Engineer 3 Intern 4. Engineer doubts he still has a job. May be replaced by intern.