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Peter Kraus Sticks It To The Haters With "Long" Hair, Pink Ties

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Perhaps you thought Peter Kraus, he of former Goldman employment, and $25 million for two weeks of work at Merrill would tone things down in his new gig running Alliance Bernstein? That he’d take a page from Lloyd and Jamie’s playabook re comp this year? That go with the John Thain hair-shirt approach to decorating his new office, change nothing and work off a card table no matter how hard that million dollar antique piece of ass beckons? That he’d fail to ba-ring it on the color coordination? Wrong-o , ladies! Not only is Pedro putting shit all over the walls of his executive suite, not only is he taking home a few mill more than LB and JD for last year, not only is he wearing his hair slightly longer than is conventional but he is working it with the shirt and tie combo, the Post breathlessly reports.

You might think that after his public flogging by Cuomo he would keep a low profile. Other investment bankers -- like former colleague Lloyd Blankfein -- probably wish they weren't in the newspapers or before Congress.

But quiet is not Kraus' style.

Well over $1 million worth hangs in his expansive sunlight-drenched 39th floor corner office overlooking Central Park, spilling out into the hall past his assistant's cubicle. With his beard and a slightly longer hairstyle than Wall Street norm, Kraus color-codes his suits to match the band of one of his many designer watches, while his multi-colored ties usually work well with the timepiece's dial.

And not to show off but! His cock ring really brings out the color in his eyes.