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Real Housewives Of Hedge Funds Inching Closer To Reality?!

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We've long been of the opinion that what the Real Housewives series could really use is a hedge fund edition. Alex Cohen, Biff's old lady, Eddie's girl, Mrs. PTJ would all make for sensational television and I know I'm not alone in saying I would truly do unspeakable things to have Lisa Falcone and her piano-playing pig in my living room every Thursday night. Andrea Tong? Stop, I can't even. Still, it's been a bit of a tough sell, what with many of their husbands wanting to avoid publicity, and so on and so forth. But! I think we may actually be able to get this thing off the ground, thanks to two worlds colliding over the weekend. As we told you a couple weeks back, DealBreaker favorite Jim Chanos and Real Housewives of New York cast member LuAnn De Lesseps were scheduled to attend a gala event for the Miracle House charity (Chanos was being honored for his contributions, and De Lesseps was hosting the shindig). We weren't sure if the two would hit it off but our fears were apparently entirely misplaced, 'cause hit it off they did. I'm talking role-playing on the first date hit it off.

A spy told us, "Jim ended up bidding $70,000 for some Damien Hirst plates and $5,000 for lunch with the countess, but he did request she wear the uniform she used to wear in her past job as a nurse. He said most of the boys in the crowd were impressed by the countess' title, but for heterosexual males, the nurse part was more exciting."

Naturally this pairing is sensational news and just the thing we need to make RHOHF's happen.

Lunch with LuAnn de Lesseps, in a nurse's uniform, goes for $5,000 [NYP]


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