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Russian Spy Did Not In Fact Lie On Her LinkedIn Profile Re: Employement At Barclays

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Yesterday, we mentioned that Anna Chapman, one of the ten Russian spies arrested by the Justice Department on Tuesday, had noted spending time working at Barclays as a "slave." Almost immediately, the bank informed us that they have never even heard of this lady, and that there was no way in hell she's ever worked for them. Such is apparently not so much the case! Today we've been told:


We have updated information. While we have no record of an Anna Chapman working at Barclays Capital, a wider search found that an Anna Chapman worked in the Small Business section of Barclays Retail bank in a similar time period. Sorry for any confusion. We got updated information and I wanted to let you know.

Meaning this chick is kinda trustworthy! In related news, we're still waiting for more intel on whether or not she did indeed have her ass tapped by Dr. Doom during her time in the states.