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Too Hot For Citi Banker Now Threatening To Sue JPMorgan

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Over the weekend, Debrahlee Lorenzana was warned by her new employer, JPMorgan Chase, to can it with the interviews re: being fired from Citi for allegedly being too hot to handle. Supposedly, the order came directly from the top. Defying James Dimon, Lorenzana and her lawyer, Jack "Get a load of these" Tuckner, appeared on a whole buncha talk shows, including the CBS Morning Show, where they were asked about being told to put a sock in it, and if they were worried Lorenzana was in danger of losing another job. Hell no they're not. Sorry, but this isn't about JPMorgan, this is about DL's scorching tits and rockin' ass, Tuckner essentially said, and you want to know something else? Dimon and his henchmen are "bullying" his client. If they want to fire her, by all means, go right ahead. Maybe manhandle her on the way out like he knows you're just dying to. Jack will just add you to the list of banks he'll be taking to the cleaners. Anyone else want to sack Lorezana's exquisite breasts? Lloyd?