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Trish Regan's Neighbors Gave Her Sh*t For Singing In The Shower

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As previously mentioned, I did a little interview with CNBC's Trish Regan. We discussed, among other things, her time at DE Shaw and whether or not Charlie Gasparino and Dennis Kneale are necrophiliacs.

What do you think of the financial reform bill?
I think considering the effect that the banks had on the entire system that it’s understandable people are truly outraged but I do worry that the politicians might take it too far. There’s been talk it might be watered down, though, so that’s a good thing.

You were Miss New Hampshire. Do you feel that any subsequent Miss New Hampshires have lived up to your standards?
I haven’t kept up with the pageant! I don’t know anyone who’s won so I really can’t say.

Was being a beauty queen good training for financial journalism?
Well I learned how to do my make-up which can come in pretty handy but other than that I don’t think there’s a huge connection.

As a former Goldman Sachs employee, do you think all the heat they’ve taken has been warranted? Do you want to rub Lloyd's gleaming pate and tell him it's all going to be okay and tell everyone else to back the shit off?
I think Goldman is like the Yankees. They’ve been incredibly successful so it’s easy to take shots at them. People love to hate.

After Goldman, you did a stint at DE Shaw. A friend of mine was told by a rather intense representative of the firm that they only hire “geniuses”—are you a genius? The logic follows
[Laughs] Well I’ve never been tested so I couldn’t say. When I was there the culture was very much about being super smart. And you got to wear jeans to work—jeans with holes in them!

What’s next for you professionally? RenTec?
I definitely want to say in news and financial journalism. I love CNBC and I do a lot of other work for other brands within the company, like the Today Show and Nightly News. And I’m doing another documentary.

Part II to Pot?
Yes! This one’s not in California, it’s all over. I was just in Portugal, and we were out in Denver, which is really the emerging market of marijuana.

Have you been forced to partake a lot for research purposes?
You know I’ve actually never smoked pot in my life.
Ever think about changing that?
Probably not, I feel like I’ve made it this long without doing it. I’ve also never eaten ketchup. Maybe I’ll just have one crazy night where I do all the things I’ve never done.

David Shaw, Steve Cohen, George Soros: Who would you want to babysit your kids? Who would you want to father you kids (if Mr. Ben was out of the picture)? Who would you want to pay 2&20 (or 3&50)?
That’s a tough one. I think I’d go with David to baby-sit. For managing my money? Probably have to go with David—
You can’t do that, you picked him as the babysitter.
But he’s so good!
But nothing-- these are the rules. You can only use one name per category. You know Steve’s not too shabby with money, why not take him?
Yeah but David’s a genius, remember?
Well actually I didn't say that someone on his payroll did but okay, then put Steve on babysitting. I’m sure he’d do a good job. Great airplane noises while feeding them.
Okay Steve as babysitter—though he probably wouldn’t be a match for Larry’s skills—and David investing.
And the final category?
I’m very, very happy with my husband.
Don’t doubt that at all. But in our imaginary scenario, he’s out of the picture and you need a donor.
Really, no, very happy with husband.
Pretend I’m putting a gun to your head.
Can’t answer this question—impossible.
Fine-- but I just want you to know that George Soros does have feelings.

Alright, let’s move on. I noticed that you didn’t graduate from college until 2000, after finishing high in ’91. What went on in those gap years?
I took some time off to pursue a career as an opera singer.
Why’d you give that up?
I didn’t love it enough. It was something that I wanted to do when I was 14.
What’s your favorite opera?
La Traviata.
Do you sing in the shower?
I have sung in the shower but I don’t anymore because one time our neighbor came over and asked us if we could “turn the volume down on the stereo.”
Wow. The cheek of some people.

Are your daughters going to call Larry Kudlow “Uncle Larry”?
Definitely. He hasn’t babysat yet but he promises and I’m going to be taking him up on that soon.

Pick for the World Cup?
USA, definitely.

The Dealbreaker readers came up with some questions for you. I’m just going to run down the list. Question number 1: How does it feel to be classified as a MILF?
What’s a MILF
It’s…it’s an acronym…it stands for Mother I’d Like to…synonym for word which means to have relations with. It’s a compliment.
Oh, then it feels good.

Question number 2: How do you feel you measured up next to Mandy and her assets?
I think I held my own.

Question number 3: If you had to: Charlie Gasparino or Dennis Kneale? Killing yourself is not an acceptable answer.
I think I would have to kill myself. Or be on life-support.
And then? Who would it be?
You think it would still be appealing for them?
Dennis Kneale and Charlie Gasparino? Yes, one of them would definitely still go for it, if not both.

Question number 4: Just so we can be fair, in that same vein, if you had to get down and dirty with one of the anchorettes on CNBC, whom would you choose?
See this question is just as hard as the last but for the opposite reason. I’m not into women but if I were it would be really difficult. We have a lot of beautiful ladies at CNBC.

Question number 5: Don’t know if you’ve kept up with this story, but a woman named Debrahlee Lorenzana recently claimed she was fired from Citi for being “too hot.” If you have kept up, give us your perspective — is she too hot?
She certainly looks very hot. Though obviously that shouldn’t have had an effect on her job.

Amanda Drury has said she’s coming with us on a field trip to Beamer’s, an establishment in Stamford, CT – are you in?
If Mandy goes I’ll go.