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UBS Messes With Client, Literally Gets A Bull's Horns


Let me ask you people something. If you were going to protest UBS, how might you do it? Stand outside the building chanting "UBS sucks"? Rent a helicopter and dump millions of 10-4's on the roof? Smear a bunch of melted Toblerone bars on your shoes and track that shit through the lobby? Sure, if you were an unimaginative fuck, I guess you'd probably go with any one of those. Not Bauer Klemenz Marti. This UBS client wanted to think bigger. And weirder. More outside the box. He wanted people to say "This guy is fit for a straight jacket, we better listen to him." Which is why after several months of threats and promises to do something about the unsatisfactory way in which he felt his money was being managed, he finally did it. This morning, he tied his pet bull to one of the bank's branches in Grenchen and stayed there until 5:00PM. To send a message.

And while I see nothing wrong with this and support it in the extreme, I can't at this time say for sure what what exactly that message was, or what Marti was trying to accomplish with Calu (that's the bulls name). He may have had her make a "deposit" with the bank. He may have brought her there as commentary on the service (or lack thereof) he's been getting. He may have threatened to embarrass the firm by committing an act of love that dare not speak its name unless his demands were met. I really don't know his rationale, as all reports so far have been in German. Regardless, there's one thing that we can all take away from this-- this guy and his bull for UBS chairman/CEO.

A spokesman for UBS declined to comment.

Update: Even better than I thought. I honestly feel like this guy has a window into my soul. Nomination stands, provided he grows the pair necessary to execute.

Months ago, Bettlach Bauer Klemenz Marti had threatened that he would advance with his 1,000-pound bull "Calu" in the ticket halls of Marti has made his threat that is partly true: he came with his bull, not a switch in the halls of the bank, but he chained to the heavy animal of the bank.

Muni vor der UBS-Filiale in Grenchen – Bettlacher Bauer Marti machte seine Drohung wahr [Grenchen]


It's Possible A Bunch Of Employees At UBS Deutschland Helped Clients Evade German Taxes

The bank has ran its own internal investigation and found no evidence of wrongdoing but prosecutors are still going to take a look-see themselves. The investigation, being conducted by economic-crimes prosecutors in Mannheim, was started in March against unnamed employees after a tax inquiry in the southwestern state of Baden Wuerttemberg identified suspicious transfers of funds from Germany to Switzerland, allegedly executed by a German taxpayer with the assistance of the Frankfurt-based office of UBS Deutschland AG...In May, prosecutors seized more than 100,000 computer files and other records during a search of the bank's Frankfurt office, Mr. Lintz said. Tax investigators are assessing this material to identify evidence that bank officials acted as accessories to tax evasion, he said. In its statement, UBS Deutschland said that "an internal investigation into the specific allegations has not identified any evidence of misbehavior by UBS Deutschland AG." It said it is cooperating with the criminal investigation. Several investigations of UBS clients in Germany are under way by local prosecutors independent of the Mannheim investigation, Mr. Lintz said. He declined to say how many clients are under investigation. A report in the Thursday edition of German newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten said thousands of bank clients are under investigation. Mr. Lintz declined to confirm that figure. Germany Probes UBS Staff on Tax-Evasion Allegations [WSJ]