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Unsubstantiated, Possibly Baseless Rumor Of The Afternoon: Brian Hunter Goes For The Encore?

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From the mailbag of awesomeness:

Very early unsubstantiated rumor going around that Brian Hunter-- who is still at Peak Ridge-- has completely blown up again, this time on bear spreads.

And we heard yesterday that a big fund went to MS wanting to bail on positions. Assume if this is true then it was him. He was seen buying a TON of puts, super teenies, back in April/May after selling a shitload of 4.50/4.75 strangles which then went completely in his face about 7 minutes later.

And right this second this just flashed across:

"Natural Gas Trades Spark New Amaranth Concern as Spread Soars"

Update: Another source casts doubts on this rumor, claiming Brian Hunter is mostly now investing in the "self-storage businesses" in his native Calgary.

Update II: Another adds "I'm here it was someone else," so who knows? (Other than the fish, who so far not saying anything.)