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Who Wants To Give This Kid A Job?

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Hey Dealbreaker!

While I don't have a tip, I wish I did, and I think you guys can help me get on my way to getting one to help you out. I have a proposition I would like to relay to your readership: find Me a Job and I will give you my first week's pay!

Once hired by the firm, after I receive my first paycheck, I am willing to pay my first week's salary to the individual whose efforts resulted in me being hired by the firm.

I am looking for an entry level (0-3yrs) position in asset management or private equity. Some responsibilities I would like to have are building financial models (including valuations or trading models) or econometric models, interpreting models to help make investment decisions, analyzing prospective investments, researching the company, bond covenants, etc, and being able to recommend investments or strategies. I am absolutely willing to learn, meet strict deadlines, and work long hours. I would like to work in NYC or Boston, but I am open to other locations. My resume can be viewed here.

In addition, I am willing to negotiate for more than my first weeks salary if I get the position.

At the very least, your readership might have fun valuing this deal.