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Write-Offs: 06.10.10

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$$$Just putting it out there: Japanese women are seeking men who invest in government bonds, according to an advertisement being run by the Ministry of Finance. “I want my future husband to be diligent about money,” a 27-year-old woman says in an ad being run in free magazines promoting a fixed-rate, three-year note that Japan started selling last week. “Playboys are no good.” She’s one of five women featured in the page, which says “Men who hold JGBs are popular with women!!” [BW]

$$$Lehman Probe Begins To Square In On Erin Callan [FBN]

$$$Dear FCIC: Please Unleash The Internet On Goldman Sachs' Document Dump [CNBC]

$$$ "Hi Bess:

I saw your post from Monday about Debrahlee Lorenzana, the woman who was fired from Citigroup for being "too hot."

"I wanted to let you know that in 2003, Lorenzana appeared on PLASTIC SURGERY NEW YORK STYLE, a four-part Discovery Health series profiling the inner workings of America's largest plastic surgery clinic, the Long Island Plastic Surgery Group. Lorenzana’s dramatic before-and-after transformation is chronicled, offering an intimate insight into her motivation to seek and undergo cosmetic surgery. On Saturday, June 12, Discovery Health will exclusively air the series in its entirety from 7 PM-11 PM (ET/PT), with Lorenzana’s episode airing at 9 PM (ET/PT).

Broadcast-quality footage and embeddable clips are available by request - let me know if you are interested."