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A Bunch Of Wall Street Professionals Will Be Smashing Each Other's Faces In For Your Entertainment (Charity As Well) This Evening

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Tonight is the annual Corporate Challenge Boxing tournament, and beyond the fact that the event is for charity, $55 seems like a pretty reasonable fee to be at least mildly amused at the sight of your "colleagues" taking to the ring. Some of the participants include the son of a former Vice-President and a couple of chicks as well. The latter would be Al Gore's boy, Albert Gore Jr of Strategic Capital Partners, who weighs in at 200 lbs. He'll be fighting a guy whose nickname is "The Carnivore," (real name: Ken Cunningham, of Oppenheimer). Also putting on the gloves tonight is a guy who's asked to be referred to as "Yellow Fever."

His actual name is Andrew Kang. During the day, you can find him at Marathon Asset Management. Tonight, he'll be taking no prisoners. Kang says the song that gets him the most pumped is Kevin Rudolf's "I made it" and that his his advantage is his "ability to take hits."

Also doing battle tonight is Austin "Monkey Fist" Philbin, of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. This is how he describes his boxing style:

My Boxing is similar to Super Macho Man from Mike Tyson's Punchout, without the over-developed pectoral muscles. I am not sure if the spinning uppercut is legal in amateur boxing, but it is a great KO punch.

Nick Harley, you have been warned.