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A Suggestion For Anyone Looking To Recognize Vikram Pandit For Doing Okay To Fairly Decent Job With Citi

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Running Citi for the last two and half years has been, let's just call it, something of a thankless job for Vikram Pandit. He's been cut down by fellow CEO's, on several occasions one analyst in particular has left him bound and gagged on the floor of his office, and the board shit all over his horticulture ideas. Plus, there's been the matter of the US government coming in and thinking it's running the place. All in all, Uncle V's tenure has been no picnic, especially considering the fact that 1) this was not the gig he signed up for (that one being $1 billion to sit around and tell Zoe Cruz jokes) and 2) no one's even thought to maybe pat him on the back for the place not going out of business, which it almost shockingly did not. So it was nice to see Euromoneyname him Banker of The Year, an award they bestowed upon him for doing "a pretty good job" with Citi. You know what would've been even nicer?

Two little words: cash prize. That's right, anyone considering looking to stand out by, instead of laying it on thick with Jamie Dimon or Llloyd Blankfein, taking a bold stance that it's Vickles who deserves the praise. As I suspect this is going to become a new trend and Vik will have to pick and choose which award shows he attends, and at this point still only dreams of collecting a paycheck, showing Vickles the money will go a long way in getting him to collect your hardware, your plaques and your trophies that proclaim him "first in class" or "participant" or "finisher"? Give it to him in any form you like-- huge Publisher's Clearing House check, gift card, a slipped fifty on his way to the men's room, whatever- just make it worth his while.