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Adam Sender Displays Art Around Office Other Hedge Fund Managers Wish They Had The Stones To Put Up

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Put it on the trading floor, or better yet, the lobby and that'll send a message ("This is how it's gonna be. You have been warned, so don't come crying to us when your PM busts out a collar.").

The art in Aibel (Sender's curator)'s office at Exis Capital veers into the risque. A photograph by German artist Thomas Ruff depicts a blurry woman in lingerie towering over a man on a leash crawling beside her. Aibel joined Sender in 2006, working alongside curator Todd Levin, who spearheaded Sender’s collection from 1998 to 2008.

Adam Sender Dresses Up Hedge Fund Rooms With Ruscha, Dan Flavin [Bloomberg via BI]