Alleged Ponzi Schemer Guy De Chimay Responds To Hideous Allegations


A couple weeks back Guy de Chimay, the hedge fund manager who appeared on the first season of Wall Street Warriors telling the world “Wall Street takes the brightest people and smashes them into the pavement on a regular basis” and “Wall Street guys have really made the Hamptons what it is," was accused of using clients' funds to put towards his divorce bill and beach house, by the SEC. At the time, he remained relatively quiet, taking it like a man and choosing not to respond to the noise. But that was before things got ugly. That was before his ties to the Chimay Brewery were called into question. And now, he will not hold his tongue.

"We're a family, a small family," de Chimay, 47, said. "There are birth certificates, marriage certificates; they don't lie," reputed scamster Guy de Chimay told the Daily News in a jailhouse interview at the Manhattan lockup.

Belgian officials refused to comment on de Chimay's claims of royalty. The accused con man did take his ex-wife to Belgium and introduced her to Prince Philippe, family and friends said.

You can claim he's defrauded investors of millions or even billions if you'd like. When you claim he's not a descendant of Belgian Trappist monks who not only make great beer but cheese too, you go too far. Animals.