Are Strippers Finally Getting The Thanks They Deserve?


Time was, if you were an exotic dancer, your customers probably wouldn't have thanked you for that lap dance you so deftly performed. Ingrates, the lot of them, but what could you do? But now? That things aren't so happy snappy? Strippers are finally getting appreciated for the hard work they do, at least according to one gal named "Bubbles."

I have seen more depressed guys, yeah, and the average age of our customers seems to be dropping, maybe because a 24-year-old is fine with blowing $500/hr on the VIP room whereas a 44-yr-old with a family will think twice about spending that now. Fewer credit cards are being run overall.

But, I have to say this, it’s probably a good thing we’re around as a source of relaxation and human touch and interaction for the guys who come here to relax. I have definitely seen an increase in the really sincere thanks from guys who don’t really take time for themselves.