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Astounding Research Reveals Highly Compensated Bosses May Not Give Rat's Ass About Their Organization's Peons

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According to a new study, a high salary may actually make your company's CEO meaner. In the study's white paper, "When Executives Rake in Millions: Meanness in Organizations," professors from Harvard, Rice and the University of Utah argue that rising income inequality between executives and ordinary workers results in "power asymmetries in the workplace such that top executives come to view lower level workers as dispensable objects not worthy of human dignity." [HP via HNM]

What the groundbreaking study doesn't offer is specifics. Such as, at what pay bumps do you get a boss who'll can an underling just because he didn't like the guy's face? At what take-home can you can said employee by sweeping everything off his desk and having security escort him out the building Jazzy Jeff style? (Also, what's meaner? An approach like that or a two word IM: "get out"?) And at what pay-grade does one get to treat their underlings' mouths like a urinal? These are the things we need answers to. (I'm being serious-- let's get some hard data here so people on either side can know what to expect.)


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