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Attention Men Of A Certain Net-Worth Out East: Cheryl Mercuris Is Looking To Date And Mate

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Cheryl Mercuris, of the Tampa Bay Mercurises, is a recently divorced mother who you can find out in the Hamptons for the next two weeks. She's looking for a new husband, and lest you think she's not serious about this task, Mercuris has made a sizable investment in her future, by renting out a home in Bridgehampton for $250,000 a week. Cheryl loves the men she's met so far (she's been "mingling with hedge-fund managers and Wall Street lawyers") because unlike the bums in Florida like, a certain xay usbandhay of hers, these guys are very "career-oriented." She says she's not on "a mission" or anything like that but in the event you're interested, here are the relevant details:

* Mother of a 6 year-old son and a dog, the latter of which is named Louie

* The house she's staying in comes with a two-lane bowling alley, a squash court, a spa, and a rock-climbing wall, "among other amenities."

* A "self-made millionaire," Cheryl is not spending her ex-husband's money, having "made her own fortune in direct marketing"

* She's not looking to be your "trophy bride"

* Should things get serious, Cheryl owns a home in the Time Warner Center and might make the permanent move soon


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