Barclays Assistant May Get Canned For Warning Company Of One Exec's STD-Spreading Habit


So, first off, Miranda Barker didn't mean to send her email, re: a higher-up getting pawsy with the staff and spreading his STD's around the firm like it was his job, to all of Barclays Capital. She just meant to send it to the secretaries, who were the guy's targets. But, you know, shit happens. Apparently Barker was a little tipsy when she sent out the message and who among us hasn't accidentally cc'ed our entire address book when warning people of a co-worker's aggressive attempts to spread his gonorrhea* like wildfire?

Executive PA Miranda Barker fired off the alert to every secretary at investment giant Barclays Capital - but the message was then passed on to thousands of people. She said the rat was "sleeping his way around all of the secretaries". She also described how he had tried it on with her. Miranda declared: "He was very persistent." She claimed a pal who had just left the company had asked her to pass on the warning because she had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from him. Miranda, who is in her early 20s, added: "I have seen him in action personally - watch out for him." She also included a description of the man.

The email, sent from her account, even copied him and all his bosses in on it - along with hundreds of secretaries across all the investment bank's HQ in London's Canary Wharf. But it spread to thousands as stunned staff forwarded it on to pals. Barclays is now deciding what action to take against the sender.

*I don't actually know i it was gonorrhea but it seems like a good guess.


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