Beamers Cafe: When Good Things Happen To Good People


So, I'm not one to crow about my achievements but today I must make an exception. As you know, it was exactly a week ago that I headed out to Stamford, CT to perform my due diligence on Beamers Cafe ahead of our yet to be scheduled field trip. It was there that my colleagues in the field and I met one of the establishment's employees, who very graciously gave us the low-down on how business has been faring in these tough times. Though the Cafe continues to be patronized by bank and hedge fund employees and tips have remained stable, she told us, as you might expect, that three years ago business was booming and they were turning people away at the door. So what happened yesterday made me giddy beyond belief. At around 5 I was going about my business, doing whatever it is I do all day when my phone rang. Not recognizing the number, I picked up with caution. The conversation started out like this:

Me: "Hello?"
Caller: "Bess?"
Me: "Yes...?"
Caller: "It's Gianna!"

Gianna! Our noted gal-pal! After I apologized for somehow not having her number saved ("Well, you were pretty drunk," she said, which was true), she proceeded to tell me that all "the girls" read the Beamers review, as did their bosses, and that they loved it so much it's been posted in their break room. Obviously this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling but it did not compare to what she told me next. "Every night since you wrote about us tons of new guys have come in," G said. "On Monday a whole pack of UBS and hedge fund guys showed up and said they decided to come after reading your story." Apparently the entire back room has been rented out for tonight ("which never happens and I don't know if it's because of you but it might be") and, she said, "It feels like it used to...I think you brought us back!"

Do you people have any idea how good this feels? I take great pleasure in making you laugh and perhaps brightening your days via fleece and dick jokes but this-- this whole directly helping others in a tangible way-- is AWESOME. I have been grinning from ear to ear since yesterday. I made a difference-- I SAVED BEAMERS! And because I really don't want this to be a fluke I'm asking you to please, patronize the hell out of this place. Go there at lunch. Go there after work. A friend says, "You wanna get a drink tonight?" you say "Yeah, let's hit up Beamers." Bring clients. Bring colleagues. Bring the parents. Bring the kids. Bring the Stevie. CT residents, non-CT residents, I don't care JUST GO and tell 'em Bess Levin sent you.