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Bonus Watch '10: What Kind Of Take Home Can You Expect For Turning In Your Ex-Husband For Insider Trading

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A couple months back we offered some advice to those considering taking up the insider trading game. It was that you strongly consider a) NOT discussing your activities with your spouse or b) vow now, no matter how bad it gets, to stay married to this guy or girl, ’cause if you don’t he/she will throw it all back in your face in an attempt to get you nailed to the wall. If you don't listen to every damn word we have to say, we can't help you. You've made your bed, etc. Now here's a little 411 for the other side: should your marriage fall apart, and should you have an inkling your former partner was trading on some material non-public information, and should you be looking for a little payback in the form of cash-money-- would one million dollars do the trick?