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Confidential To All CEOs, Hedge Fund Managers, Et Al: DON'T LISTEN TO CNBC

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CNBC is currently at this moment trying to make the case that the open letter sent by Dan Gilbert to Cavs fans last night was ill-advised. "We're all for CEO's speaking their mind but you need to do so in a well-thought out, controlled manner," said one guest. "This was probably something you wake up and wish you'd hit 'save as draft on'," commented Melissa Francis. "Don't do it!" was their general thesis. DON'T LISTEN TO CNBC IS MINE.

Letters like the one from Dan Gilbert are what we need more of in this business. More late-night, likely booze and emotion fueled rants. Interesting use of quotation marks (his "decision," unlike anything ever "witnessed"). Tantrums in which you go absolutely off the rails. Spectacularly bold claims about all you're going to achieve "without that breast-growing, panty-wearing tradeaitor." Prose that suggests you're going to key a former employee's car, stalk him and his new boss and, and reassurances to the rest of the staff/investors that "WE DON'T NEED HIM!!!" Have you been wronged? CNBC wants you to keep all this in the lock box. I want you to LET IT OUT. Be the psycho bitch. You won't regret it, particularly if you consider letting it out on YouTube. I'll offer a few more examples of what we're looking for later.