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Connecticut's "Intimate Dinner" With New York Hedge Fund Managers: Still On!

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In announcing that Albany would not go ahead with the proposed plan to tax New York-based hedge fund managers who live out of state, David Paterson probably thought he was taking the wind out of Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell's sails. Rell had previously invited a group of investing professionals to a "personal dinner" in Darien at which, she wrote breathlessly, they would have "much to discuss." Well David thought wrong. Despite not really having anything to talk about anymore re: "how much New York sucks" and how "CT will treat you fellas right," the dinner is reportedly still on and not just that, but Tim Selby, president of the New York Hedge Fund Roundtable has chosen to throw Jodi a bone and RSVP yes. "The governor was kind enough to extend the invitation and I think we would be remiss to not meet with her to hear what she has to say."


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