Ex-UBS Employee Wants To Improve Your Love Life


Are you looking for a relationship and/or tension release? Do you for some reason have it as a pre-requisite that the person with whom you want to mate/date know what you're talking about when you drop terms like "puts," "calls" and "spreads"? Do you not have the time to get out there and find that special someone and want to take a chance on a ex-UBS'er lining up your tail? Today's your lucky day! Renee Schrader, a former marketing manager for the Swiss bank has launched a "dating" site tailor made to your needs.

‘I chose online dating because there are many single people in the financial markets who simply don’t have the time to go out and meet others like them. Working in an investment bank or fund management firm usually leaves little time for socialising with friends, and that’s why there are so many (usually unsuccessful) office romances in the industry.

‘Our dating site is perfectly placed to enable financial markets professionals to connect with people who understand and relate to what they do’.

Such as "Temptress," pictured, who is "looking for a good time" and describes herself as a "high-flyer," or the guy who goes by the name "Funky Monkey," who is an "executive" and whose profile pic includes an eye-patch. Surely there's someone for everyone!